101LastTribes.com is a nonprofit project developed by a team of anthropologists and photographers who are passionate about Africa’s tribal diversity. The main aim of this project is to freely share with everyone audiovisual material and information about the Last 101 Tribes of Africa.
This site does not intend to go too much in depth with each and all of the 101 tribes we present. The idea is to share with everyone interested in tribal diversity interesting information about the different tribes, outstanding what makes them unique and commenting their present-day situation.
The images and texts have been developed by ethno-photographer Jordi Zaragozà and Anthropologist Joan Riera, expert in African traditional tribes.

101 Last Tribes is an ever evolving project and everyone is more than welcome to participate by sharing audiovisual material, comments or information of interest.

Our aims are:

1 - Share reliable information about the African tribes that still preserve, in one way or another, a unique aesthetics and cosmology.

2 - Value and promote African tribal diversity.

3 - Protect and find creative and pragmatic ways of preserving Africa’s last tribes

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Emili Bayona - Antropologist and Photographer