Balumbe people

Balumbe pygmies


The Balumbe are part of indigenous peoples of the Democratic Republic of the Congo habitually known as "Pygmy" peoples living in the province of Equateur.

The Balumbe are some pygmy comunities that are dependent of the western branch of the Ngombe (water-people).

They are located in the Bolomba Territory.

Bolomba Territory is an administrative area in Équateur Province in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The headquarters is the town of Bolomba. It is located northeast of the provincial capital of Mbandaka. Its main waterway is the Ikelemba River which is navigable down to the Congo River.

Balumbe people location

The territory of Bolomba was included in the Équateur District when the Congo Free State was established, annexed by Belgium in 1908, and passed into Équateur Province in 1917. In the reorganizations of 1962, 1966 and 2015 it remained in the core Équateur area.


Geography and climate

The Bolomba Territory is mainly evergreen deciduous forest, except where it has been clear-cut. The area is low-lying with respect to the Ikelemba River and is subject to either regular annual inundation or flooding in wet years.