Argobba people


Landuma / Landoma / Landima / Landouma / Cocoli /Tiapi / Tyapi

The Landuma also called Landoma, Landima, Landouma, Cocoli, Kokoli, Tiapi, or Tyapi are an African people who live primarily in Guinea, in the area of the Upper Nunez. They have been described as "pre-Mandingas", as they settled in the region before the arrival of the Mande people. In this respect Walter Rodney places them alongside the Nalu people, the Baga people and the Temne people.

The 25,000 Landuman are settled in Guinea. They are farmers and cultivate corn, millet, rice, and peanuts.

A supreme chief has authority over village chiefs; inheritance passes through the matrilinear line.

The initiation of young people remains a tightly guarded secret.

The Landuman worship the spirits of the dead. The art of this tribe includes two remarkable statues. One is a rather abstract numbe mask in animal-head form. The numbe mask is the only one mask they are known to use. Horizontal, it is comprised of three elements: an ovoid head, an elongated snout, and a set of horns on top of the skull. This abstract, stylized composition suggests a buffalo. It has also been said to represent a narwhal or a dolphin

According to one source, its function would be to protect an enclosure. The other statue is a carving in the shape of python, which probably is connected with the snake cult, usually associated with fertility.

Landuma People