Nkoya people


Nkoya / Shinkoya / Shikoya

The Nkoya (also Shinkoya) people are a Bantu people native to Zambia, living mostly in the Western and Southern provinces and the Mankoya area. As of 2006, they were estimated to number 146,000 people. Besides Nkoya proper, Nkoya dialects include Mbowela (Mbwela, Mbwera, Shimbwera), Lushangi, Shasha, Lukolwe, Mashasha.

This people group is only found in Zambia. Their primary language is Nkoya.

Nkoya people

Nkoya People are part of the Bantu speaking people, they are related to the Mambwe, Lozi and Subiya People of Zambia.

They grow crops such as maize , sorghum , millet , tomatoes , carrots , onions and other crops .