The Wongo live in the Kasai district of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

They are numbering 25,500 (Peoplegroups.org, 2023).

Wongo People

They are part of the Bantu, Central-South people cluster within the Sub-Saharan African affinity bloc.

Their primary language is Wongo.

The primary religion practiced by the Wongo is Roman Catholicism

These people migrated from the north and are scattered among villages led by chiefs and structured by secret societies.

They farm maize and manioc.

The Wongo are not formally part of the Kuba cluster, though they share features of the cultural and artistic life of their neighbors.

They have a fine tradition of craftwork in woodcarving, as well as in raffia weaving and embroidery. Wongo artistic traditions reflect the influence of Kuba realistic features, Pende-type masks and Lele-style adzes. The Wongo make several styles of cup for drinking palm wine, including some in human form, which are often characterized by numerous body scarifications.